Bulletproof Makeup Secrets from an Atlanta Rollergirl!

(if it can stay on during a roller derby game , it can stay on during anything)

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I just experienced my first Atlanta Roller Derby game and I am officially hooked. Everything about the sport and its atmosphere was everything I had hoped it would be, including:

  1. Empowered and strong women

  2. Epic level athleticism punctuated by a cacophony of cheering in the stands

  3. And …. envy level Makeup skills to rival any Broadway performance or movie set !!!


Atlanta Rollergirl, Sara Bellum’s Flawless, Roller Derby Proof

Foundation Routine …

As a certifiable makeup obsessive, I look for kindred spirits where ever I can find them (#notallheroswearcapes). I would like to introduce you to Atlanta Rollergirl, Sara Bellum. Her flawless full coverage foundation never budged no matter how many laps she skated. It looked perfect through the entire match, or “Bout” as it is referred. Sara set down with me to share her secrets to a flawless foundation routine that will keep you fresh faced no matter what obstacle is in front of you. Keep reading to find out how.

Step #1 | For the Best Full Coverage Foundation for Oily Skin, Her Flawless Foundation Routine That Will Actually Stay Put Begins with Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Sara Bellum is an expert. She has been skating for four years. As a veteran of the sport she has developed some makeup tricks and tips to give herself, and us, the best full coverage foundation for oily skin. First, on cleansed skin she begins with a silicone-based primer. Her favorite is the cult classic (for good reason), the original Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Sara prefers this primer for its filling and smoothing capability. Much like Spackle, a good silicone based primer can help to fill in and smooth skin texture. If you suffer from acne scaring, try using a silicone makeup base like this one to help your foundation glide on smooth and increase its wear time. Next she applies her eye makeup before any foundation. By applying your eye makeup first, any fall out from eye shadows or mistakes can be easily erased and corrected. Sara’s Holy Grail eyeliner that won’t budge and will last for the entire event is Fenty Beauty’s, Flyliner liquid eyeliner. Nothing will get in the way of the liner!

PRO TIP: When choosing a primer, remember that “like attracts like”. Use a silicone-based primer with a silicone-based foundation. If your foundation is water-based, use a non-silicone primer. For more on how to tell if your foundation is silicone-based or not, read this.

Step #2 | For Foundation That Stays On, You Just Need to Lock-It!

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

Like most of us, developing a foundation routine that works for you and your individual skin concerns/needs is a trial and error process. Sara explained that she has suffered from problematic skin including Rosacea and acne, thus finding a full coverage foundation that effectively concealed redness and scaring while not looking overly dry and chalky was her goal. She tested a few including, Estee Lauder’s Double Wear, and Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation, before landing on her current favorite, Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, for a foundation that stays on and is Roller Derby proof! Sara says that unlike others she tried, the Lock-It foundation gives her a full coverage matte finish without looking dry and overly matte. This foundation blended into her skin while at the same time not looking like it was just sitting on top like a mask.

Steps #3 and … | Setting Spray. Setting Spray. Setting Spray. For the Love of God, Use Setting Spray!


Makeup setting sprays truly are one of those inventions that I would seriously consider trading my first born for. Rumpelstiltskin has nothing on these concoctions.

Sara takes using a setting spray a step further than most with a few hacks that I am anxious to try myself. Keep in mind, for your makeup to remain flawless in a contact sport like Roller Derby, it needs to be smear proof! Here are her tricks of the trade …

First, once her skin is primed and BEFORE foundation is applied, she mists her face with her favorite makeup setting spray, Urban Decay’s All Nighter. Second, when applying her foundation with a dampened beauty sponge, (she prefers the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge) she will mist the sponge with setting spray before pumping foundation onto the sponge. Third, the foundation is pumped onto the sponge and, fourth, another mist of setting spray is applied. This step allows for the foundation and setting spray to mix together at which time she begins to apply her foundation to her skin. SMEAR PROOF.

Step 4 | It’s Baking Time! Enter, Power Powder…


Now that Sara’s foundation has been applied and effectively sealed, she takes the same dampened beauty sponge and gives it another mist of setting spray before dipping into a loose powder. Sara’s go to loose powder is Maybelline’s Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder. Dipping the sponge into the powder, she applies to her full face. Do not be afraid. This will look like a s**t ton powder, but this is when the baking technique works it’s magic. She lets the powder sit on her face. The warmth from her skin allows for the powder to meld in with the foundation. You will need to let the powder sit for a few minutes to fully “bake”. This is a good time to do your brows or just to take a few minutes break. Once your brows or whatever are finished, gently sweep away any access loose powder with a fluffy powder brush. The finish will be smooth and locked in! Follow with blush, bronzer/contour and another mist of setting spray and you are good to go!

Pro Tip 2: To keep your makeup from looking overly “powdered” use any setting spray to eliminate this. A simple mist of setting spray or finishing spray like Mac Fix+, will remove the look of overly powdered skin and give it a smooth finish to your full coverage makeup routine.


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You are not loosing your mind. There is no concealer in her makeup routine. I was just as surprised as you are. For Sara, the Lock-It foundation was enough, however, if you feel you need additional coverage or correcting, please use your fave product.


For me, having the chance to sit down with Atlanta Roller Derby’s, Sara Bellum, and learn her curated technique for the best full coverage makeup for oily skin was the stuff that dreams are made of. If you are new to Pretty In My Head, like I said before, I am obsessed with makeup and all of its accouterments. Sara’s makeup routine is one of the best I’ve seen for makeup that will last under any circumstance. Trust me. I saw it in action. It looked just as flawless from the start of the game to the end.

Although my skin is dry, her routine will work for me or anyone who loves a full coverage. To tailor to your specific skin type, just substitute in the foundation of your choice for dry or combination skin, and scale as you see fit for the rest of the steps. I am personally excited to try her setting spray routine. I have always used a spray at the very end to finish my look, but I will be adding on her steps and following her method. I’ll keep you updated and see if I can get my foundation to stay as flawless as Sara Bellum’s!

Thank you Atlanta Roller Derby for expanding my horizons. I have found my new favorite sport and can’t wait for the next game!


Eve Slaughter