Stroll into Hawkins & Clover - the Cutest & one of the most Unique Salons in Atlanta, GA – with the Best Shampoo Experience!


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I recently had the chance to visit a hair salon in Atlanta I had not been to before, Hawkins & Clover

As a woman who has lived in this city for eighteen years, that is a real feat.  What initially lured me to this unique gem was my discovery of Halo Couture hair extensions, where Hawkins & Clover is a distributor.  More to come about my thoughts and foray into the hair extension multiverse.

Hawkins & Clover is the brain child of its founder, Erika Audrey.  As you walk into the salon located in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta, you immediately feel a sense you have entered into a beauty sphere you would find if Anthropologie suddenly had washing bowls.  The air is filled with the unique scents of sweet orange and lemongrass, arising from artisan soy candles burning in the plush antique-furnished waiting area. 

Hawkins & Clover is also a gratuity-free zone.  Something I have NEVER encountered before since I received my first highlight at age 13! 


Hawkins & Clover, a name that feels right…

Erika opened her salon in 2014 after having grown up in the industry.  Going back to her childhood, Erika knew that one day she would be a salon owner. 

Meeting men and women who have followed through with their childhood dreams has always been something that blows me away. Speaking as someone who graduated college with a degree in Art History, (having never been confused with being an art historian, or any iteration thereof); I immediately concede a small measure of envy for those who made a career of what they wanted to be when they grew up. I digress. 

After working at other salons she decided it was her time to take the lead.  Using her natural creative spark, and inspired by her clients to create a calm and pleasing environment, she embarked on the journey many would find both terrifying and exhilarating.  Asking how Erika came up with the salon’s name, she said the two words just came together and it simply felt right.

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The Hair Salon where your scalp will scalp itself in order to return.

So what sets this place apart? For one, it’s the amazing shampooing experience. After I was greeted by Erika she escorted me to the washing bowls station.  As with most hair salons (upscale and otherwise), you will find yummy smelling products and a not-so-comfortable washing bowl that brings about thoughts of the neck pain Marie Antoinette undoubtedly felt.  That is, until now.

I was then asked what essential oil blend I prefer, citrus or earthy.  Ok, now I’m officially excited.  I went for earthy – reflecting my mood that day.  Sitting down in the chair which fully reclined, a soothing eye pillow was placed over my eyes and a warm blanket was covered over my increasingly relaxed body. Then what proceeded was pure haven – a luxurious essential oil scalp massage.  Keep in mind all of this is before even a drop or water hit my head!

Once that bit of bliss was completed, a thorough shampoo and another mini scalp massage during the conditioning treatment followed; and lastly, an ahhhh-inducing hand massage.  All this is standard with a haircut or color!

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I can’t stress this enough, it was the best I’ve ever had!

What Hawkins & Clover gets right beside their service is their understanding that men and women are looking to this brief time at a local hair salon, to try and unplug and simply relax.  This time is for us.  Maybe we will want to talk, maybe we won’t.  Either way it doesn’t matter, Erika developed the atmosphere at her salon to accommodate those needs - whatever they may be.

If you are married to your stylist (something I completely understand) take a chance and cheat, just once with Hawkins & Clover.  Book a cut or one of their other creatively named services and experience it for yourself.  You won’t regret it.