Makeup Mistakes I’ve Made - So YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

by LAUREN, MyLifelines

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Using Expired makeup

So, I don’t know if ya’ll knew this or whatever, but I was yesterday-years old when I learned that your makeup actually does have expiration dates! It’s on the back of most products with an “M” for months and a certain number in front of it. Once opened, this is how long the product is good for. Do yourself a favor and throw things away when they are past their expiration date - past this point they are less effective, the chemicals in them settle, and it’s just not a good look, boo.

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Over-plucking brows

Now, call me a product of the times (cough-cough) High School, but I MASSACRED my eyebrows for the sake of being cool. It’s sad and they take forever to grow back. I honestly don’t think they’ll ever be the same. Just don’t do it. Embrace your natural beauty! (Reads: do whatever makes you happy, even if it’s over-plucking! And with the filled-in/2016 brows - I have a puppy, so win-win!)

Overdrawn Eyebrows

Now, on that same vein I will warn against overdrawing your eyebrows - it ain’t cute, sis. I once bought a ‘too dark’ eyebrow pencil and used it for months before I realized I looked like my eyebrows were auditioning for a role as brown twin caterpillars.

Foundation that doesn’t match

I have made this mistake more recently than I’d like to admit. I just bought a $50 foundation which I thought was in the perfect shade - because a little gloss-over-with-the-eyes while panic sweating in a crowded Sephora is a surefire way to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck (or, not). Well, lo and behold, it was about two shades too dark. My prideful ass INSISTED on using the foundation anyway for a couple of weeks. I thought painting my neck with bronzer would help the situation, but then I saw The Picture. You know, the one - with your hand next to your face, looking like you cut it off a corpse, and are now using it next to your over tanned face.

Don’t do it.

Make sure you settle into your panic sweat first and then actually ask someone to help you before buying that foundation.

80's makeup.png

Purple and/or Blue Eyeshadow

Need I say more? Stay in the 80’s plz.

Let’s not even talk about the time I wore blue lipstick. At least I was dressed as Ke$ha.

Waterproof Mascara

I know many people swear by it, but I have a hard-enough time getting my regular mascara on. When I accidentally bought the waterproof type of my Better Than Sex mascara, I used it instead of taking it back. (Is anyone else noticing a theme here?) When I say it took me about a week for all of it to come off my lashes, that’s not an exaggeration… And I am one of those people that can’t stand the feeling of gunky mascara hanging out on my lashes. Like, how am I supposed to roll my eyes when my lids are so heavy and sticky? If you like waterproof, more power to ya. But count me out.

Orange-y Bronzer

I have to admit I am still committing this crime, but I like to think it’s because I’m extremely pale. I have gone through about three different bronzers in the past 6 months alone trying to find one that doesn’t look like I’ve rubbed dirt directly on my face. I might just stop using bronzer altogether until it’s summer when I won’t seem as ghost-like. If you have this problem too, try contouring with a little blush instead. It gives color without giving Oompa Loompa vibes.

Makeup Successes I’ve Made!

Makeup is art. Literally. Make it yours. Whether you like overdrawn eyebrows, no eyebrows, heavy eyeliner, loud lips, or anything in between, make sure it makes you happy. Express yourself and don’t worry about what other people think - these are just the things that work best for me. The best success with makeup, in my opinion, is wearing it in a way that makes you feel confident, amazing, and like you.

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