Clean Those Brushes … in Record Time! A Review of Sigma Beauty's Practk Palmat

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By HUDA SALEH, Blushes & Butterflies

Products that make it convenient to "makeup"!

I have been a fan and customer of Sigma Beauty since their conception, and one of the reasons I adore this company is because they consistently put out products that make it convenient to "makeup"! One of their latest creations is the epitome of convenience. I am willing to bet that the majority of women (and men!) sigh and groan at the thought of washing their brushes. We always drag our feet when it comes to that because, with hundreds of brushes, it can take a very long time to get through cleaning them all, and really, who has time for that? But it's obviously a must! And Practk Palmat makes washing them faster and easier than ever.

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The Practk Palmat is a makeup brush-cleaning tool that was created by the founder of Sigma

The Practk Palmat is a makeup brush-cleaning tool that was created by the founder of Sigma. What makes this different than other brush-cleaning tools is that you can use it two different ways: either in the palm of your hand or right in your sink. And I really love when a product is versatile enough to offer me more than one way of using it. Overall, I give this product a 9/10. Below you'll find what I thought were huge hits with the Palmat and the one miss.


It cuts the time it usually takes to wash all those brushes

First thing's first is the affordability. This Palmat retails for only $10, which is insane for the product itself and what it delivers. Most similar products on the market go for nearly double that price, at least. Sigma also offers the Brushampoo along with it, working hard to get even the most stubborn makeup that might be embedded deep into the brush while being simultaneously gentle on the bristles and helping to preserve its original shape after it dries. Probably the most attractive feature, besides the price, is that it cuts the time it usually takes to wash all those brushes in less than half. It is so easy to use, and because it's so effective at cleaning, you don't need to spend much time at all swirling the solution into the Palmat. 

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dual functionality

The next impressive feature, as I briefly touched on above, is its dual functionality. You can either stick it on to the bottom of the sink or slip it on your hand like a glove. When it's stuck to the sink, it will not move. Other mats and brush-cleaning tools I've tried easily slid, but the suction pods on the bottom of the Palmat are powerful, and you do not need to worry about it moving as you're working with the brushes. Now on the other side of that - and this is why I knocked off a point - is that it's hard to wear on your hand. The Palmat was comfortable and I felt like I did have a good grip on it once I put it on. And while it's adjustable, it kept slipping up off my hand as I was swirling the brushes. I would get through maybe two by the time I found the mat on the edge of my fingers about to fall off. I kept having to readjust it to fit in the palm of my head, but there was no way to ensure it stays in place. In the end, I just found it much easier to place it in the sink and not have to worry about it moving.

Other than that, the price and effectiveness of the Practk Palmat makes it easy to recommend. I would also invest in the Brushampoo as it works in conjuction with the soft bristles of the mat to ensure gentleness and originality to the shape of your brushes. All in all, if you're looking for an easy, fun, and hands-free experience when washing your brushes, make the next time you do it be with the Practk Palmat by Sigma!

-HUDA SALEH, Blushes & Butterflies

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