Eau De Rose Water, How do I Love Thee? ...


How do I love thee?

The …, I would agree to submit to its will and wear a ball-gag, kinda love.

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What is rose water?

I recently stumbled upon the benefits of Rose Water after mindlessly reading about skincare one evening. Side Note: apart from being a YouTube MUA certified addict, I am also addicted to falling down any rabbit hole that will have me as long as it’s about skincare, makeup, or cats. Sooo…. math …. I found my new obsession, Rose Water for your face.

What is Rose Water? Rose Water is simply the product of distilled rose petals in water, resulting in a beautiful aromatic liquid infused with the essence of the petals. In addition to its subtle and delicate aroma, it has several other uses that benefit the skin.


rose water benefits for your face

Anti-Inflammatory & Hydrating: Applying Rose Water to your face is a great go-to for inflamed skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce skin redness, from broken capillaries or general skin blotchiness. My favorite benefit from Rose Water is its hydrating properties! For those of your who follow me know about my constant battle with dry skin. Rose Water helps to soothe my dry skin on contact giving it a soft and refreshed feel - almost glowy.


Rose Water TONER FOR SOFT Skin Routine

After double cleansing, and toning, apply the Rose Water to a cotton ball and sweep across you face, neck, and chest. The smell is like angel wings and your skin will feel like fluffy clouds.


Pore Refining: Rose Water also acts as a mild astringent. This can make it a good choice to help remove excess oil and refine pores. I like to use this as an additional toner for extra cleansing to help remove excess dirt and oil, thus keeping pores unclogged. As a reminder, it is a myth that you can shrink the actual size of your pores. You can, however, reduce the appearance of them by keeping them free of dirt an oil.


How to use rose water for an overnight TRANSFORMATION

I especially love to incorporate Rose Water as a second toner, of sorts, for my overnight skincare routine. After first using virgin coconut oil to remove my makeup and help moisturize my skin, I continue with Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Cleanser (this works for me, but use any cleanser of your choice) followed by an organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar which has been diluted in at least a 3:1 ratio with water (3 parts water to 1 part ACV). Next I use the Rose Water. I dampen a cotton ball with the Rose Water and simply sweep across my face. The smell immediately has a calming affect and my skin feels so smooth, soft, and poreless after use. I then finish with moisturizer, eye cream, and lip balm for the softest skin ever.

It’s not often that I say something gave me instant results, but for me, I honestly had this experience with using Rose Water. Maybe it was the aromatherapy it provides combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, whatever it is, I love it. Additionally, rose water is a common ingredient in many skincare products, thus its benefits are well known and accepted.

Plus, at such an affordable price, I will never stray. For additional uses of Rose Water, here is a great article I found that I think you will enjoy.

If you have a chance to add Rose Water to your routine, please comment below and let me know how it worked for you. I would love your thoughts.


Eve Slaughter