WTF!!! I Didn't Lie to the Sephora Associate. Have you?

Strange title. I know, but read on to hear what I have to say. I’m curious - has this happened to you too?

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Here is my recent Sephora story. I am generally curious to see if this is strange or am I alone here?

Last week I had a makeup hankering and needed a fix. I also have been wanting to finally try out Sephora’s PERK facial. I picked up my favorite foundation, Dior Airflash Spray Foundation and this happened ….

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*Side note, I have used this foundation for a few years now. And have tried so many times to rid myself of it, but I always come back home. Dior’s Airflash won’t let me be free. It has me. It’s pore erasing magic makes me its consummate slave. Unyielding. F**k it, it’s the best. It’s full coverage, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and blurs imperfections like no other. Oh, in case you are wondering, I am not (as of the date of this post) an affiliate of Dior or Sephora. Wayne Goss made me try it and I love/hate him for it. Here is there video. See for yourself. BEWARE !!!!


Sorry, I digress …. One of the drawbacks to writing about a subject you are passionate about is going off script a little. Or, a lot. More than once. Oh, f*****g well ….

Any-who … I picked up the foundation, tried the PERK facial (review coming soon) and also felt like trying out a different eye shadow pallet. I have blue eyes and fair skin. I usually go for neutrals, but this time I stepped outside my comfort zone into the warm tone bronze/orange persuasion.

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a quick lesson in Color Theory for Makeup

If you take a look at the Color Wheel, you will see that warm tones (orange/yellow/red) are across from cool tones (green, blue, purple). This means that they compliment each other. Any color that appears directly across from one another on the color wheel automatically compliment. This holds true in paintings, coloring books, life, and makeup - specifically, eye shadows. Thus, orange/warm tones make blue eyes pop!


The pallet I purchased was Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Pallet. The colors looked beautiful in the pan and upon a quick swatch, I generally liked what I saw. I stood in line to the register, using my tunnel vision skills to try and not grab anything from that purchase trap of a maze Sephora expertly puts you through - and not buy anything else! I then drove home. Seriously, Sephora! Stop it! I can’t buy anymore. ugh…. yes, I can …..

After prepping & priming my skin (on cleansed skin I use L’Oreal Glotion as my face primer and any concealer on hand as an eyelid primer) I started to play with the pallet and its potential combinations. I am on more of the conservative side when it comes to eye shadow in particular. Thus, I mainly used the neutral tinged colors and the lightest bronze in the pallet. The blendability of the formula was just okay. I would have liked it to be more of a buttery consistency, but it wasn’t chalky, which is good.

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Can eye shadow colors oxidize the way foundation can?

As the day and evening went on, I just didn’t like the colors on me. Like I said, the formula wasn’t necessarily bad, the colors just did not look great as the day and evening continued. Perhaps they oxidized a bit? I’m not really sure. What I was sure about, however, was that I didn’t like what I saw. I looked like someone had blindfolded me with some sort of a tiger-face printed scarf in every single mirror I came upon. That is not okay!

Once again, standing in that familiar death trap product maze at the Sephora register, I walked up to the Associate with the product and receipt in hand. She asked what I didn’t like about the pallet and I simply spoke the truth. I told her it looked terrible on me. She then proceeded to laugh and said she had NEVER heard anyone actually answer the question that honestly before. Looking back, I probably should have given the easy answer like: I had a bad reaction, or the formula was bad. But for reasons I still can’t explain, I told the truth. It just looked bad.

So, my question to you is, is this crazy abnormal? Have you done anything similar? Because, for me in Sephora that day, I felt like I was the only person who gave this as a reason for a return.

Let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Eve Slaughter