Dear Very Last Hair Tie, You're My Best Friend in My Head

“Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you”


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oh no! you’re down to the last of your best hair ties in the drawer! What do you do now?

If you’re new to Pretty In My Head, … yay … I’m so happy that you have stumbled upon and joined our audience of a dozen or so. We here at Pretty In My Head occasionally like to make strange and useless observations of everyday beauty items we can’t live without, and celebrities we want to physically stalk, but can’t. Don’t worry, we also write about beauty & lifestyle trends too. Today, I’m talking about a terror that any person with hair longer than 2 inches has felt, and subsequently found themselves scouring their home for the nearest bottle of Xanax. I am referring to that personal hell that comes on the day you realize that you are down to the very last of your best hair ties!!! God, nooooo…..!!!!



oh, favorite No-Crease hair tie, where did all of your brothers & sisters go?

This may seem like a silly rant to some people, but MOST of you know exactly what I am talking about. Let’s set the stage, shall we? Your hair is 2nd/3rd-day dirty and you’re running late. Your morning routine has spiraled into a shit show and you need to get out the door. Quick. Never fear, as a certified beauty junkie, you have contingencies in place for just this sort of situation (A.K.A NASCAR-level getting ready speed). Just the basics this morning:


Moisturizer? Check.

Concealer? Check.

Mascara? Check.

Lip Gloss? Check

Dry Shampoo? Check.

Hair tie for cute pony? Chhhhhheeee - fuuuucccckkkkk! NO!

Did I mention the clock is ticking and you’re already late to work. Opening the drawer to all of your hair accouterments; what is normally in a pile of twenty or so no crease hair ties, is now - zero. Okay, you take a deep breath and slow down. Gently, and then frantically, you rummage. And rummage. And rummage until you find it. The actual Holy Grail (not all of those Sephora or MakeupAlley reviews of foundations that are allegedly HG PERFECT, but aren’t - eye roll); this holy grail is your last hair tie. Thank God!

Pro Tip 1:  Never leave the house without one on your wrist. If you become conjoined twins with one of your best hair ties, you will then be spared the terror of losing them.


the best types of hair ties

The best types hair ties for your hair are the kind that won’t leave a crease, which I referred to above. These are the only kind I would ever recommend. If you’re like me and have fine, color-treated, and damaged hair (because always - hello, color-treated), these are a godsend. They usually come in a pack of at lease five and will keep your hair secure throughout the day. These hair ties pull out easily without leaving an annoying bevel in your locks, A.K.A. the Lord’s Work.

Pro Tip 2: Your best hair ties are a thing of beauty and witchcraft. Always keep a spare in your purse and in the center console of your car. You never know when a hair emergency will happen. Always be prepared.


And so, to answer the question, what do you do when you are down to your last hair tie? You hold on to it. You make love it. And, most importantly, you never - ever let it go.

Dear, last hair tie in my hair drawer, YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND IN MY HEAD!


Eve Slaughter