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Dear Discontinued Perfect Foundation, You're My BFF in My Head.... Still. :(

You find your perfect foundation - your skin tone has never looked more beautiful.  In fact, every mirror (even that bad one) agrees with your assessment.  A few months pass by ... and then it happened!  Those malevolent makeup gods steal that perfect foundation from you - right out of your hands. Evil bastards that they are …

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Dear Salon Chair, You're NOT My BFF In My Head (you always get me to confess my sins :/ )

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You're 2 - 3 weeks past due on your hair maintenance.  This can be either roots, trim, or whatever. Or, maybe it's your nails.  You get the point. Anyway, you show up to the salon and set in that confessional they so gleefully call a salon chair. 

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Dear Britney Spears’ Instagram: You’re My BFF in my Head.

It didn’t take me long at all to stumble upon Britney Spears’ Instagram.  It truly is a thing of art. You can do a deep dive and start scrolling, or you can choose to just let it appear in your feed organically.  Either way you are in for a treat. For me, I chose the latter.  I like to open the app and get that dose of surprise,

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