Dear Discontinued Perfect Foundation, You're My BFF in My Head.... Still. :(


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Discontinued Foundation.png

I know what you must be thinking.  Because I have felt the same thing too; many, many times. 

You find your perfect foundation - your skin tone has never looked more beautiful.  In fact, every mirror (even that bad one) agrees with your assessment.  A few months pass by. The sky is blue, the sun is out, and the local birds are singing and doing your household chores while making you a new dress, ... and then it happened!  Those malevolent makeup gods steal that perfect foundation from you - right out of your hands. Evil bastards that they are. 

The day started out just fine.  You were walking into Sephora, just like you do almost every Saturday afternoon (BTW: Sephora Saturdays are the best form of Prozac out there).  For me, it happened a few years ago, but the pain never dulled. I was walking up to the Make Up Forever section and reached for my fav HD Foundation.  But it wasn't there.  Some imposter was in its place - calling itself "Ultra HD"????  Ultra?

Oh no, name change. It happened to me again - the dreaded reformulation.

Nectar Adjustable Frame

Suddenly, memories of when Laura Mercier betrayed me in a similar manner come flooding back, by taking away her Moisturizing Foundation; ... now MUFE?  I look around for an associate in my desperation. He noticed me at once.  With sweat beading upon my brow, the associate assured me that this was the same consistency, etc, and I will love it just as much, if not more.  Apparently, it is now super 4K friendly foundation. Excuses.  

I tell myself, it will be fine.  I grab my color (of course the number system changed), make the purchase and head home.

Now that I'm in the relative safety of my own bathroom and lighting, I open the box and begin.  ..Well, the Sephora guy lied. It wasn't the same - at all.  They never are.  Once I extricated myself from the fetal position and stopped rocking back and forth from the pain of losing my favorite foundation to the sands of time, I calmly set the bottle down.  A week passed, and I still hated it.  Oh, well - s**t happens. So, to all those discontinued foundations unceremoniously tossed aside in that landfill in the sky, I miss you. I love you. And you will always be my BFF in my head.


Eve  Slaughter