To the Women of Courage, You are ALL the Best Friends in my Head!

To the Women of Courage

When I started this blog a few months ago it was with the anticipation that I would write about the superficial things in life. The challenges of finding the perfect foundation or the most hydrating sheet mask available at Sephora. These are fun hobbies for me and I like to write about them. Simple as that. So, it goes without saying, this post is not my typical post, but I think it’s important.

Observing the world over the past year (and longer), I am seeing the makings of growth and change. Victims of sexual assault are speaking up and out against their abusers. Victims of misogyny are refusing to take it for another second! Empowerment is growing even with each setback we face. I will not be discouraged. Because of the women who are speaking out, young and old, we cannot be discouraged. I see hope every day; with every little girl who’s hero is Wonder Woman, with every teenager and adult who looks up to Justices Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan, and with every grandmother who remembers a time that when a woman’s career choices were relegated to just three professions: secretary, teacher, or nurse - we stand with you. I stand with you.

Yes, we still have a long road ahead of us. I am not blind to this. But with every courageous woman that speaks out for justice, you bring us one step closer to equality across all fields. This matters. With every word you speak, it matters. You matter. Your courage matters.

Thank you Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Thank you Serena Williams. Thank you to my personal friends who have spoken out about their own experiences, and thank you to all the women who have the courage, candor, and strength to call out sexual assault and sexism. I dedicate this to you. You are my best friends in my head.

Thank you. I believe you. I stand with you.

-Eve Slaughter