Connie N’ Jack: Wearable Art Unlike Any Other


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Connie N' Jack Necklaces

As one of a bazillion lifestyle and beauty bloggers out there, I do attempt to try and set myself apart in a few different ways.  I like to discover brands and boutiques that are new to me and who I feel will resonate with others in one way or another. I take into account style, price point, overall design, and merchandising vision before I set out to write a feature article.

If you’ve had the chance to read about two of my favorite boutiques, Lucca Lane and Vernacular, you will know that both of these fit into that mold. With that said, please let me introduce you to Connie N’ Jack handmade jewelry.

…A full spectrum of influences abounds to form a curated collection that will no doubt appeal to both the conservative pearl lover and the hip street-fashion influencer...

I was first introduced to Alyssa Cassatto, artist and founder of Connie N’ Jack jewelry earlier this year at Swoox Curated Consignment in Atlanta.  When I look at jewelry, the first thing I do - after noticing its unmistakable beauty - is pick it up (obviously) – that is, to see how heavy it is.  If you’re anything like me, extremely heavy jewelry just isn’t all that comfortable to wear.  Especially regarding earrings.  My ears were first pierced when I was 7 and they are S-T-R-E-C-H-E-D, thus, my affinity for light weight jewelry. Connie N’ Jack’s earring designs range in size from larger dangles to smaller pendent style, all of which are of a lighter weight to accommodate my giant knee-length earlobes.  Blessed be.

Connie N' Jack earrings
Connie N'Jack earrings

Of course, it’s not just earrings. Connie N’ Jack has a full line of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that bring to mind an artful mix of classic gold to rustic beauty, for both men and women. A full spectrum of influences abounds to form a curated collection that will no doubt appeal to both the conservative pearl necklace lover, and the hip street-fashion influencer, forming a modern twist on the classic costume jewelry style inspired by her mother.

Meet Alyssa, “The Tinkerer”

Alyssa started her life out with an interest in working with her hands. Taking things apart and putting them back together.  She thanks her father for bestowing her with this keen interest.  She started making her first pieces of jewelry as a child then selling to unsuspecting neighbors (honestly, what psychopath could turn that down).  Smart kid!

Le Tote

Fast forward a bit, Alyssa graduated from FIT with a degree in Fine Arts. She moved to Atlanta, GA, after graduating college and entered the world of interior design, never letting go of her intrinsic love of jewelry making. After a few years, in 2012, she first began to sell her art – that is her jewelry - her passion. Connie N’ Jack, named after her parents, and a loving tribute to her late father was born. From there her brand grew to what it is now. 

Connie N' Jack

On Her Path – On Our Path

There were times in Alyssa’s life, like many others, where her passion did not have the chance to take center stage. I certainly can relate to this, as many people can – I suspect.  Life has a tendency to get in the way. But as long as we remember our passions that bring us joy and comfort, we can find our way back on that path.  Alyssa’s path is an artful one, full of beautiful jewelry that is a work of art.  What's yours?

Alyssa - Connie N' Jack