Flock your Christmas Tree Using Baby's Breath


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I f***ing love flocked Christmas Trees. Yes, you read that right. I’m actually not being overly dramatic, here. You can stop reading now and go Flock yourself if you think I am. This is the Christmas season after all. Anyway, I really love the look. I don’t f***ing love the $100+ price tag that accompanies flocked trees, though. (Sidebar: F***k is my favorite word. An oldie but goodie, and is always reliable to get your point across - no matter the season).

I have found a way to give your Christmas tree the look of having been flocked at a serious fraction of the price. And, if I must say so myself, this way is far more elegant. My secret is in the title (did it take you long to figure it out?). Baby’s Breath.

Baby's Breath.png

Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let it Snow. flock your christmas tree AT Home

As I was staring mindlessly at my un-decorated tree last week, I was remembering how I would admire the trees at my local Pike Nursery. For reasons I still can’t fully explain, I have always been drawn to the look of a flocked Christmas Tree. I think it gives the tree an almost storybook-like feel that can’t be easily recreated by ornaments alone. Unfortunately, I just can’t bring myself to fork over the cash for one. They are significantly more expensive.

And then it hit me! I suddenly remembered how a friend and former co-worker of mine used Baby’s Breath to adorn our office Christmas Tree years ago.

Snow = Flock = Baby’s Breath!!! Give additional character to your Christmas Tree by add Baby’s Breath.

I hadn’t tried this technique personally, but the memory I had of it was very unique and tasteful. I grabbed my keys and left for the desired accouterments. I spent a total of only $30.00 on about nine bunches of Baby’s Breath. After putting on that dreaded satan-spawn a.k.a Christmas lights, I divided each individual bunch into two or three smaller bunches and inserted into the tree. I used all nine bunches which was enough for my 7’-8’ tree from top to bottom. I had no real plan mapped out, just placed randomly throughout the entire tree, just like any other ornament.


There is no need to trim the stem length or alter the Baby’s Breath in any way, unless, of course you want to. I simply would take the entire stem and literally stick it into the tree so that only the Baby’s Breath flowers are showing. I would try to make sure the flowers were laying on the needles of the tree to give the appearance of snow. Other than that, there is no real art to this. Just have fun with it.


I also added some willow branches at the top portion of the tree to give an added rustic look. I finished this look off with simple burlap around the base of the tree in lieu of a formal Christmas tree skirt. All-in-all, I love the look. The Baby’s Breath gives the look of snow an added character that is classic and lovely.

I love hearing about new decorating ideas. Please comment below if you have any interesting tree decorating ideas.


Eve Slaughter