Is it Possible to Make Sweet Love to a Clothing Boutique? Yes, I Think You Can! Welcome to Lucca Lane …


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Lucca Lane

Is it Possible to Make Sweet Love to a Clothing Boutique? Yes, I Think You Can! welcome to Lucca Lane …

I’ve talked previously about how much I love to find boutiques that carry cuteness without the price tag.  Lucca Lane, one of my favorite stores in Atlanta and online, fits that bill.  Located in the Vinings neighborhood of Atlanta, Lucca Lane is one of those stores that seem to answer all your prayers when stumbled upon. And IT IS the perfect place to stumble upon.

Lucca Lane is located in a shopping center with restaurants, salons, and a candy store!  It’s almost as if the gods had arranged this confluence of shopping and service heaven as a beacon no woman could possibly resist. Oh, and everything in the store is under $50!!!

From Boutique Start-up to Boutique Heaven - Owner, Megan Luce’s Plan to Beat the New Business Odds

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Megan Luce, owner and creator of the Lucca Lane boutique. Her story of how she started is pretty impressive.  Actually, it’s a great inspiration to anyone else that has a dream of opening a boutique or any other business.

As with many people, being a business owner, in anything, is a scary thing to implement.  Following through on a dream can be a daunting task for most of us. Megan started out with those same fears.

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How am I going to pay for this? Will I be taken seriously? What if I fail?  These didn’t get in her way - not at all.  Before the birth of her boutique, she was working the daily grind, a 9-5’er, whose situation wasn’t meshing with the goals she had set for herself.  She knew she was meant to do more. 

Lucca Lane

Thinking of her mother and the strength she had bestowed upon her, Megan went into action.  And by action, I mean a lot of research and determination.  With a 15-page business plan and $1,000 in hand, Lucca Lane was born.  Starting out as an online store in 2014, and testing the market with strategic pop up locations, Megan gained a following and sought to open her first bricks-and-mortar location.

“You have to do This!” Building Lucca Lane with an Affordable Plan & Lots of Love

Walking into Lucca Lane’s Vinings location, one of the first things I noticed was actually the décor.  A stylishly decorated space always gets my immediate attention. Whether it is someone’s home, office, salon, store, etc…, a key part of the shopping experience also includes a well thought out environment.    

Lucca Lane

Next, you will no doubt be drawn into the glory of glories, their inventory of some of the cutest outfits.  Rompers, dresses, and separates - think Revolve at a fraction of the price.  What Megan understands about her customers is their desire to always look on trend without having to take a 2nd mortgage out just to walk up to the register. Most items are under $50, so planning out seasonal wardrobes is crazy affordable at this heavenly spot.

If you have some time, check this store out, I think you will love it.  I sure did.  Or, if you simply need some reassurance that start-ups do happen and can happen, look to Megan’s story.  Lucca Lane is proof that you do not need millions in the bank.  As long as you have an idea, devotion, and determination you can succeed. You will succeed.