It Finally Happened | I Succumbed to INSTAGRAM Marketing & Purchased the Chicwish Dress I Saw Advertised 1M+ Times! So, what did I think…?

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I SAW THIS CHICWISH Tweed Dress … Everywhere

I’m on Instagram. I’m scrolling through Instagram.  I’m taking a bath and scrolling through Instagram. I saw a sex toy that looked interesting on Instagram. Are you as bad as me?  Bet you are.  If not, well … f**k you. Why are you reading this blog? JK, I f*****g love you.

Anyway, if you’re on Instagram as much as I am, and you tend to follow content in the beauty/fashion/lifestyle genre, you will no doubt start to notice some targeted ads.  They’re usually anything from some trendy luggage in the perf shade of Millennial Pink, to the ubiquitous Fab Fit Fun box reveal by a Housewife.

And then there is this Chichwish dress ….  I bought it.

First time I’ve ever been lassoed into an Instagram ad and this is what I thought of it. Keep reading….if you dare…

That Pink Tweed Dress

This adorable little pink tweed dress haunted my dreams for what seemed like 6 months before I finally pulled the trigger. For some reason I’ve always been hesitant to purchase anything a saw advertised on Instagram. Let me be clear, I have no verified reason for my trepidation. It’s just most of the shit I see on Instagram looks like scam-city. Or, scam-city adjacent - a suburb of scam-city. I mean, how many sponsored fab-fit-sugar-bear-tea-fun ads can you see with questionable reviews before your eyes self-gouge? That is until you become so overcome by the sheer cuteness, and the under $100 price tag, that you say WTF, I’m going in.

So I bit the bullet and jumped on and gave them my money. Here are my honest thoughts and review of the dress, its quality, and customer service.

i was stopped and asked if my $69 tweed dress was … chanel!!!

Holy Shit! Yes, that happened! The first time I wore it. And you’re about to learn why.

When I went to their website and clicked purchase, I received the requisite confirmation email, and two days later my tweed dress was on its way. Since I wasn’t in an immediate need, I didn’t opt for the expedited shipping. Shipping was only $3.00 - so, doable. When the dress arrived and I pulled it out of the packaging, the shock that overcame me was completely unexpected. In a word, QUALITY.

This was the best quality dress I have ever bought for under $100, and it easily rivals any luxury brand. The very first part of this dress I noticed was that it was fully lined. You do not see that often. And you really don’t see it from retailers who set lower price points on their wares advertised on Instagram or other social media platforms. Second, the quality of the fabric itself was very impressive. It was not flimsy feeling. The stitching looked and felt secure, as well as, an overall well made appearance. Generally speaking, purchasing from clothing lines who keep their retail price points at or below $100, you are going to sacrifice quality of garment construction for affordability. Thus, enter my surprise when the dress emerged from its packaging looking and feeling the way it did. Additionally, the black diamond bow adornment is simply pinned on with a secure safety pin. If you aren’t a fan of such embellishment, it is easily removed without damaging the dress. And third, this dress also possesses my favorite and most sought after form of witchcraft. You can seamlessly take it from Spring to Fall with just a pair of black opaque tights or over-the-knee boots.

The icing on the cake came next.


excuse me, is that chanel?

I’ve now established that my new cute tweed dress is well made and looks exactly like its picture. No crazy BuzzFeed (I-Bought-Online-and-it-Looked-Nothing-Like-the-Picture) issue going on here. Next step, trying on. I will say the dress did seem to run a little small. I ordered a small and it does fit, but it seemed to be cut slightly narrow along the hips. It isn’t uncomfortable and did not look too small in any way, however, when you sit down, it will rise up a bit. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s worth noting.

When I wore what I now just refer to as my “Cute Pink Tweed Dress “, I was stopped by another WOMAN (more on why that’s a big ass deal in a sec). She looked at me and legit asked, “IS THAT DRESS CHANEL”? I shit you not. I would never use Chanel’s name in vain. Of course, I responded in the affirmative, with a casual and nonchalant - “yes”. Because I’m not a complete douche, I then laughed and told her no and it was actually less than $100 bucks. That was the best indicator that a strong purchase had been made, plus - there is no better compliment, than an unsolicited compliment, from another woman, to a woman. The dress just paid for itself!

i will buy from chicwish again

I love this pink tweed dress I saw on Instagram … and purchased. Words I never intended to say, let along more than once. Plus, after so much eye-rolling and skepticism fueled from continuously seeing the same product being hacked by Influencers (eye-roll) – the dress and the customer service was on point!  Of course, “Buyer Beware” always holds true, but I can absolutely attest that this is one of the nicest (quality and representation) dresses I’ve purchased online.  At least with this dress, Chicwish is the real deal.

If you’ve picked up this dress or have any questions, please comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Eve Slaughter