20 Everyday Items that Sound Completely Different if You're in the US or the UK

20 Items That Sound Different in the US vs UK.png

I love all things Europe

As an American, I especially love to either visit (yes, please) and also learn about the cultural differences and similarities we share.  Nothing is more exciting to a traveling American, like myself, to simply walk around a European city and observe what the street styles are and where the fashion trends are heading. Ahhhh, wine + people watching ..... LOOOOVE.
Something else I find really interesting is the cultural differences.  In this case, the vocabulary of everyday, almost mundane, items that suddenly take on new and exciting descriptions. 

The List

Here is a list of 20 everyday items compiled with top UK Blogger, Stacey of Attempting a Life After 30. You can follow her on; Instagram: www.instagram.com/attemptingalifeafter_30 / Twitter: www.twitter.com/AALafter_30 / Facebook: www.facebook.com/attemptingalifeafter30

  1. Gas = Petrol

  2. Parking Lot = Car Park

  3. Vacuum = Hoover 

  4. Rent a car = Car Hire 

  5. Band-Aids = Plaster 

  6. Q-Tips = Ear Bud

  7. Take Out = Takeaway 

  8. Full Time Work Week: US = 40 hrs / UK = 35-37 hrs

  9. Elevator = Lift

  10. Cookies = Biscuit

  11. Sweaters = Jumper

  12. Large Trucks = a Lorry

  13. Bathroom - Loo

  14. Vacation = Holiday 

  15. French Fries = Chips 

  16. Pencil Eraser = Rubber

  17. Diaper = Nappy

  18. Crackers = Crisps

  19. Apartment = Flat

  20. Sealed with a Kiss - The British often sign their names in emails with a cute “X”. On behalf of America, I think I am going to adopt this sweet touch.

Please leave a comment below if you have any fun item to add!