2019 Valentine’s Day Guide: Gift and Date Ideas

by ANNABEL, AnnabelAnnunziata.com 

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Hi everyone!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so I thought I’d share some gift and date ideas. It’s all about being personal, romantic and cute, so keep that in mind no matter what you do, if it comes from the heart, I’m sure your special someone will love it!

Love is so beautiful! 


Romantic Evening

It’s nice to do something memorable with your other half - like planning a romantic evening. 

If the weather is nice, it would be great to plan these somewhere outside; whether in your backyard, on your balcony, or on a terrace at a restaurant, but if you do it at home it’s SO much more romantic and personal… 

For a romantic evening at home…

Get creative and keep your special someone in mind as you set up, plan the meal, and decorate. Make you and your love’s favourite meal. Think love and romance. 

First, you need to set up a cute table. Put a nice tablecloth with a cute centerpiece or love letter on it. You can even add a teddy bear, box of chocolates, or flowers. 

Prepare your fireplace. Hang fairy lights around your home, dim the lights, and light candles.  Throw rose petals around the table and the floor. For an extra touch, dim the lights in the bathroom and light some candles in there too. Maybe even fill up the bathtub later. 


Gift Ideas

- Flowers-

 (a really great idea is something like MFleur, they have eternal roses and have many locations. I’m sure you can find these or something similar in your city). You can even get letter boxes and have flowers in the shape of your special one’s first letter of their name.

-Teddy Bear-



-Love notes- 



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Spa Date

Another great idea is to go to a spa with your other half or someone that you love. Spend time together, relax and enjoy. Remember, Valentine’s is all about spending time together and feeling the love that should be felt everyday. 



Miscellaneous Date

Some might want to go to a museum, orchestra, opera, concert etc… It all depends on you and the one you love. Think about what you guys like to do together and plan from there.


I hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely Valentine’s Day full of love and desire.  Keep it special and personal.  Also, remember to show your special someone how much you love them everyday.

Me & Mine


Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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