A Fashion Girl's Guide to WALKING IN HEELS while Living with Multiple Sclerosis


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As a woman who loves taking the time to play in makeup and wearing heels whenever she can (read: all the f*****g time), having a diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) was not something I was fully prepared to deal with. As time passed, simple tasks such as applying makeup and walking, let alone walking in heels, became more difficult. “F**k that”, I said to myself. I needed to figure something out. NOW!


Over time, I have developed some MS life hacks every fashion lover blessed with this condition will come to appreciate - at least I hope they will. Here’s what I’ve come up with….

wearing Heels while living with multiple sclerosis

First, for the love of God, DO NOT throw away your heels. That is evil and blasphemous.

I will never forget what was once said to me in my doctor’s waiting room one morning. Soon after my diagnosis, a woman whom I didn’t know and had never met, offered me her un-requested opinion about what my life WILL be like. She told me to be prepared to throw out all of my heels! I looked at her with a grimace I only reserve for the people and things I truly hate. Like, Billy Zane in Titanic or eating beets. I swore at that moment nothing that this diagnosis would throw at me would cause me to turn my back on the shoe gods whom I proudly worship!

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Whether you are spending hours on your feet, or in and out of your chair at a desk job, wearing heels can, on occasion, be compared to being racked or boiled in oil. But, hey - they look good. Pair that with a chronic condition that affects your walking ability, and shit hits the fan. Thankfully, I have found a hack that has worked well for me and I hope the same for you too. Allow me to introduce you to my savior - KT Tape.

KT Tape for Walking in Heels while living with multiple sclerosis

Yes, that same multi-colored tape you see plastered all over athletes’ bodies while running a marathon or other athletic adventure they’re on; I use it to give me subtle walking stability. The beauty of KT Tape is that it is very thin and flexible. For me, MS really affected my left ankle and knee strength. KT Tape helps give me stability to those areas. When you open the canister, the tape is already cut into equal length strips allowing you to quickly and easily use what you need. Depending on the height of my heels and the length of time I know I will be on my feet, I will use anywhere from 3 - 6 strips. Sometimes more.


I then wrap my ankle. I don’t always wrap my knee. A lot of times I get the support I need just from my wrapped ankle. However, you do you. If you find that you need a little extra support, please add more tape. As I mentioned before, the beauty of using KT Tape is that it is so thin and flexible. I can have several layers wrapped around my ankle and still have room to fit in my shoes. I then go about my day or night as usual. (See photo above for how KT Tape works with three different shoe styles).

picking your color of kt tape


I have used this hack on so many occasions, and honestly, not that many people noticed, which really surprised me at first. Another reason I like using this method so much - the tape is so thin it does not look bulky when applied. KT Tape comes in a variety of color options. I chose to go with a flesh-toned color that is similar to my own skin tone. I typically choose this option. However, I have also used hot pink. Below is a picture of me from a Gala that I co-chaired last year. Since I was working the event, I was also running around and on my feet most of the day and into the evening. You can see I have my ankle wrapped with the KT Tape. I still have my flats on (a.k.a working shoes), but soon after this photo was taken, I changed into a pair of black 3.5” heels.

Having my ankle wrapped saved me that evening. It saved me from having to convince people around me that - no, I’m not drunk, I just have a condition that can affect my walking ability. Not that I have any issue telling people … hell, I’m blogging about it, it’s just not always a topic I want to be front and center.

hey, KT Tape! if you’re reading this… please come out with a series of skin tone shades to match more people. that would be wonderful!

This Multiple Sclerosis hack has helped me so many times. I keep several rolls on hand. Also, mentally, it has helped me quite a bit. Just knowing that I have this support tape around my ankle gives me more confidence throughout the day and/or evening to move about with my head held high and my walking less wobbly. I have no idea if the makers of KT Tape know that their product has helped me so much. This post is not sponsored by them in any way. But, if they are reading this, it would be wonderful if they developed more skin-tone options. I believe there is only one flesh-toned color currently, called “beige”. Coming out with a full range of flesh-tones would be very beneficial and well received. Options are always a good thing. One more time… options. Options. Options.

This is just one of my Multiple Sclerosis life hacks for your everyday fashion & beauty lover, or anyone else living with MS. I will be posting some other tricks I’ve used shortly.

If you are one of the millions out there that has this condition, I have one thing to say … never give up! I know there will be times when you think this disease is getting the best of you. Trust me, it’s not. I know how you feel, I’ve been there many times. But MS does not own us. As long as we keep finding ways to beat it at its own game, Multiple Sclerosis, is just something we have to deal with. It’s not who we are.

If you have any tips/hacks that have worked for you, please share in the comments below. We would love to hear what you have come up with. Until then, take care and have fun!


Eve Slaughter